Top 10 Admin Templates

Making your site look appealing is important. However, creating perfect

dashboards and admin area for your website is just as important as your front-end pages and developing and designing those pages and layout for your website back-end can be really time-consuming.

But, no need to worry. Thankfully this collection of the bootstrap templates can simplify this process for you and make your job easy. Not only these packages contain elegant templates and demos for your dashboard they have all in-built, ready to use components which speed up your development process.

Everything you need to lessen you burden and save your time is just grabbing these pre-built templates packs.

If you want your dashboard to reach larger and targeted audience, this collection of bootstrap templates will surely help you create an amazing dashboard and admin pages that your site deserves.

1) MaterialPro

Credits: Wrappixel


This brand-new admin template is already popular in the Themeforest marketplace.

With 5+ different dashboards to choose from and 5 unique demos, there is a good chance MaterialPro is a suitable choice for you. Along with the dashboard design, there are plenty of customizations available to make use of.

While the 12 color skins are ready to use to apply on your custom dashboards. These color skins selection setting helps you in creating an unlimited custom combination for your dashboard and deliver the perfect look for your project. For those who need more creative freedom over the appearance, the editable PSD are also attached with the MaterialPro package.

Through the selection of application modules, you can easily add chat, send inbox, compose a message, and contact widgets to your dashboard layout. MaterialPro also includes a library of pages for the login, registration, and profile pages your site will need.

2) Codebase

Credits: Themeforest

Codebase is a flexible UI framework based on Bootstrap 4 and SASS that enables you to create customize dashboard for your project. Codebase has the style that is worth checking out.

It is built throughout with Flexbox codebase so, you can assure your UI and its elements are perfectly aligned at the right place.

Codebase comes with 3 different versions. It has countless ready-made elements that can be inserted into your project, often with multiple options to choose from. Buttons, simple line icons, animated icons, tabs, and many more. For those who need more control over their design, the codebase CSS framework has been built with Sass.

Codebase is modern, flexible, complete flexible UI framework that can be used to create multiple kinds of projects like Web Applications, Backend Websites, Custom Admin Panels, Admin Dashboards, CMS, or even a Portfolio, Blog, Business Websites.

Codebase is a complete responsive template that you can expect from the best bootstrap templates available today.

3) Metronic

Credits: Themeforest

Metronic is a well-established and popular theme that’s been kept updated since its release.

Despite being launched in 2013 it is still the most popular theme securing its position as a best-selling admin theme at the Themeforest marketplace. With over 53,000 sales to date and an average 4.89 average rating out of 5, it is one of the themes, if you are looking for tried and tested option. With, over 1500+ UI components, and 1,000 pre-built-pages, creating the unique admin for your page is well within the scope of Metronic.

Metronic comes with google material design meaning more grid-based layouts, responsive animations, and transitions. Also, it comes with Angular JS version, RTL support, multiple level menu, horizontal mega menu, sidebar styles, and many more. Each option is fully responsive.

With over 3 years of constant development, Metronic has a track record you can rely on.

4) Pages

Credits: Pages

Pages is another popular admin template built with the aim of being the fastest and simplest way to design a dashboard for your project. Pages framework is highly customizable for starts and it comes with many useful features. Each layout that’s included in Pages can be used as the starting point for your own customize and unique designs.

Pages give a good selection of animation effects to experiment with. This can be used to provide instant feedback to users when they complete any action or let them know there is something need to be done. Pages also come with a package of modern icons. It is completely responsive and retina ready so, your dashboard will look its best regardless of any device screen size.

Pages has a number of widgets to choose from, including an interactive calendar, a form builder, sales and stocks trackers, charts, graphs, and many more options.

Pages, is supported by a wealth of online documentation, check the demo of this template for sure.

5) Stack

Credits: Pixinvent

Stack is the latest Bootstrap admin temple with 7 pre-built templates with an organized folder structure, clean & commented code to quickly start designing your customized bespoke dashboard. Stack comes with 1500+ pages, 1000+ components, 100+ charts, 50+ advance cards(widgets) and many more. Alongside customization stack also includes animations to make dashboard eye catchy to its users.

It also includes advanced searchable navigation to quickly find what you are looking for. Stack also has easy modifications for headers and footers.

Stack admin can be used for any type of web applications: Project Management, eCommerce backends, CRM, Analytics, Fitness or any custom admin panels. Stack admin template is powered by HTML5, SASS, GRUNT, JADE [Pug] & Twitter Bootstrap 4 which makes stack looks great on every device.

6) Porto

Credits: Themeforest

Porto is a complete package that was built to make your dashboard look amazing in every device and help you customize your admin panel.

Though the first version of Porto was released in 2014 it has now, the library of the dashboard in this package has grown and now includes many high-quality options for the admin template. All of the dashboards and widgets are updated and modern.
As the number of templates has grown, there is a wide option in the selection of widgets that can be added to your admin pages. Some of the examples include the sales forecast, e-commerce widgets, a range of options in chart and graph, interactive maps, tabs, and other content display modules.

Porto is a multipurpose admin theme, it comes with different versions which include Porto Front-end, WordPress version, Magento version, Drupal version, and Shopify version. Porto has everything that can be quickly customized to match your vision. Changing color, switching border style, size and many more. Porto supports google fonts that give huge repository of typefaces to choose for your dashboard.

With an impressive history of updates, Porto admin has many options for easy customization which help your admin look stunning.

7) Limitless

Credits: Themeforest

Limitless has been updated and now include more tools to help you build ca ustom admin panel based on Bootstrap.

The updated version includes 5 pre-built layouts to kick-start your project. Each of the five modes can be easily switched to a Material design variation to give your dashboard a modern look and then you can customize material design inspired color palettes with your brand.

Limitless is a good option if you have a menu with lots of items to display due to its flexibility. You can make advanced drop-down menu with the help of built-in mega menu functionality. Adding tooltips and other hover activated items and animations comes in a handy when displaying content material.

Limitless comes with a starter kit to make a developer’s life easy.

8) Monster Admin

Credits: Wrappixel

Monster Admin is one of the first admin theme that appeared in the market with seven admin demos.

Depending on the type of project you are developing and the data you want to display you can make a choice to use one of the Monster Admin demos as the foundation for your interface. You can then set customizing It using the seven skin color scheme for creating your own color palettes.

With almost 500 UI components available to do with, you will not have any trouble finding the right widgets for your dashboard. Chat apps, calendar widgets, sales graphs, and notification With Monster Admin you will have a versatility in creating the pages as it comes with 700+ pages to choose from.

9) Elephant

Credits: Themeforest

Elephant has been designed to help you make your interface modern for your admin.

There are six variations of the main Elephant demo, which all mainly use different color palettes to each other that gives quick access to different color palettes for your project. Elephant is a sidebar sticky which means by scrolling up and down the page, the menu placed on the sidebar moves along with the content until the bottom of the menu is reached.

While visitors are accessing your dashboard, they’ll have an option to minimize the sidebar menu to increase the amount of content they can see on the screen.

Elephant includes all the elements that you’d expect from the modern template.

10) Universal

Universal is a full-featured, user-friendly, and well-developed admin template build with an aim to minimize the burden of developer and make their work quick and easy. It comes with a good library collection of impressive pre-built designs.

Universal comes with 200+ pre-built pages, 45+ widgets to make your admin dashboard look modern and stylish yet user-friendly. In this package, you will find every UI widget that you’ll need to customize your pages. It has multiple admin options to choose and implement the one that best fits your requirement. For example, you can choose ecommerce layout to develop any e-commerce project this will minimize your extra burden and increase your development speed.

Universal has convenient content widgets like a general widget to demonstrate your statistical data and chart widget to display your data more preciously. Also, the theme ha incorporated multiple editors in the package. Universal has also included an exclusive builder section that lets you simply copy and paste the code in any of your projects. It has form builder, button builder, and Page builder.

It also has a various animation to quickly make your site look more attractive.

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