M-commerce is Driving Sales Worldwide!

It is not exaggerating to say that mobile and technology has penetrated in our

lives adding more and more of technology in these modern days and abruptly changing our style of living.  M-commerce is not different from E-commerce,it is a group of E-commerce transaction that involves smartphones and tablets instead of a desktop and laptops for delivering products/service directly into the customer’s hand, anywhere, anytime.

According to study, it is said 80% of shoppers prefer using mobile phones to desktop for any of the product search, compare price, or locating to store it gives them every tiny detail without a move.


According to statistics, mobile E-commerce revenue is projected to reach 70.4% in 2020.

The advent of M-commerce has given rise to new opportunities and challenges. The brands that have only focused on brick-and-mortar sales are now struggling to reach audience as the shopping habits shift from the physical world to the online stores. The paths have changed and it is time to walk hand in hand with the infant of E-commerce i.e. M-commerce.

Why is M-commerce ruling the shopping kingdom?

According to the blog, more than 50% of smartphone users grab their mobile immediately after awaking. That underlines how severely people use their mobile phones.

Now, let’s have a brief look why M-commerce is Manoeuvre:

1) Shopping on Go:

M-commerce offers a stellar experience to its customers without a move with their pocket device.

2) Larger Audience:

M-commerce allows brands to enter markets they’ve never considered of before.

3) Variety of Payment option in single a click

With new emerging solutions, it is now possible to offer customers a true diversity in payment procedure.

4) Time Efficiency

Doing M-commerce transactions do not require users to plug anything like personal laptop or desktop or wait until the device gets loaded.

5) Phenomenal growth Potential

Wider the audience + better user experience will obviously lead to a high sale and in turn more revenue.

There are so many businesses that are turning their E-commerce into M-commerce in order to keep their user at maximum convenience and make the latest technology available to them with an ease.

Chances are high of losing potential customers without the availability of a mobile application for your E-commerce business.

Now, you know the importance of M-commerce let’s have a glance at things to consider while adapting M-commerce

1)  An Outlook of your app

A good design will always attract more customers. Nevertheless, with a good design, it is always prior to build an app that is convenient and user-friendly to drive more customers. Trying a new look frequently is good but not advisable for developing an app as the user will be habituated with the look and feel of an app and it would leave a user with a bizarre feeling.

2) Platform Identification

The most central point to be considered while developing an app is the platform as there are plentiful varieties of smartphones with different screen size, resolution and the OS an app developer must consider all the parameters to widen the user experience. Also, with the availability of the multiple smartphones, there are many platforms available for developing an app and It is crucial for an app developer to first select a suitable platform for developing an app.

3) Target Audience

It is better to know who your target audiences are, their goals and requirements and the technology they use before jumping into development. Always make a note to concentrate on your audience first before developing a mobile app. If the user’s needs do not match with the app you provide they will not think twice before uninstalling an app. This will make your audience stay connected with an app.

4) Know your competitors

Having a good knowledge of your competitors will always lead you to come with something innovative and better it will set you in a position that drives customers attention. While developing an app, take a seat of customers and analyze an app this will drive you to more question which consecutively helps you to develop an app with pre-planning offering extra features to your customers. So, that extra fruit and advancement will drive you to cross the boundary to make you win your competitors.

5) Perfect API Integration

One of the most important factors which help in making the product reachable to a large number of users is the perfect integration of API’s and the application view. All the information regarding the product which is presented on the page will be presented via API.

6) Find Right Development Partner

The final and the most crucial step is to choose the professional development partner for your M-commerce which ensures timely delivery of an app and guarantees to meet user engagements. An app development firm will shape your business by targeting the requisite market and audience. Which in turn gives a lucrative income.

Final Shots!!

The M-commerce is sure to take wings hereon. Business needs to be flexible to meet success.

Also, user experience is a key now!

Webiots helps to gain the best results with custom mobile commerce. For more information, contact us.

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